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Zyzven Naturals Florida

Muscle Balm 50 ml (1.7fl oz)

Muscle Balm 50 ml (1.7fl oz)

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This superb healing balm has been designed to relieve and sooth aches & pains in inflamed muscles and sore joints as well as to help with skin issues.

Whether you are an athlete, suffers from arthritis, you are always on your feet for work, or you regularly experience body soreness, finding a solution to this issue can be tough. Especially since body soreness or fatigue can keep us from doing the normal activities we do every day. However, there is a solution!Zwenis  Muscle balm can help soothe any muscle aches and soreness 

Our ZWENIS muscle balm provides targeted relief. It has been formulated to stimulate and penetrate deep into the skin and muscles. 

How to use our Zwenis Muscle Balm 

Massage our Zwenis balm into the muscles you're having an issue with thoroughly until the balm is absorbed through the skin. Apply whenever you need muscle relief or a cooling effect, applying throughout the day if required. 

For external use only. Every individual’s requirement is different, therefore we suggest at least a couple of weeks usage.

Do not leave in direct sunlight, store at room temperature.

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