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Zyzven Naturals Florida

Organic Rosehip Oil

Organic Rosehip Oil

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Zyzven Naturals organic Rosehip oil is packed with beauty essentials like anti-inflammatory fatty acids and vitamin A and C (beta carotene ) These properties allow zyzven Naturals organic rosehip oil to treat signs of aging and hyperpigmentation, hydrates and repair damaged skin, whilst providing a strong protective antioxidant boost, and all without leaving your skin oily.
The ultimate beauty ingredient trio — anti-inflammatory fatty acids and vitamins A and C — make organic rosehip oil a potential solution for fading any facial scars or unsightly marks.
Together these help undo and prevent oxidative damage and help the skin re-build collagen.
For facial skincare, rosehip oil offers several benefits. You really can’t go wrong with this oil, as it contains nothing but goodness!

As a facial moisturizer: After cleansing your skin with Zyzven Naturals Soap, massage 1-2 drops of the oil into clean face & neck until completely absorbed. May be used day and/or night. Lightly dab a little around the eye area.

Warning: Avoid contact with eyes. Do not use on broken skin. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.

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